Suzie McCracken


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I’m positive that many of you enlightened folk watched Grayson Perry’s incredible series of programmes on taste and class in Britain. Grayson Perry is the sort of man that inspires my flatmate to have intelligent opinions on his work. These opinions are subsequently plagiarised by myself and others who lack her degree in Art History.

Currently you can go see the tapestries that Perry made as part of the series at the Victoria Miro gallery near Old Street. There really is an inordinate amount of detail in these pieces that you just can’t see on yer telly and I thoroughly recommend a visit. The tapestries are also accompanied by some of Perry’s pots that are equally as exciting and ridiculously meta.

If you do pop along to the gallery (there’s a Maccy’s right beside it so you have no excuse not to), I advise you to clamber downstairs for a gaze upon the David Claerbout exhibition. I won’t even try and describe it because I’ll be sacrilegious in my ignorance. But yeah. Go.


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